About US

BIZENIUS Education Hub is career counselling and college admission assistance provider based having its head office in Bangalore in India. It is a division of Right Track BIZENIUS Business Solutions Private Limited. It has assessment tools and career counsellors to enable the students to assess their interests so that they can make the right career choices.

It further assists students by providing them information required to seek admission into courses and programs, in colleges and universities that best matches their capability, performance and preferences. Its team of trained and experienced counsellors is fully geared to de-stress and guide the students through the complex admission procedures and ensure they make the right choice.

This admission assistance service is provided through a database on institutions of formal and regular university programs that provide higher learning in India. The database has information in all aspects of the institution, the courses and programs offered, history of the institution, placement and academic track record, faculty details, management details, infrastructure details, admission procedure, admission forms and important dates each year, wherever provided by the institution or available in public domain.

Thus, it provides a one-point source of most current and authentic information on colleges, institutions, universities in India and courses run by them to help parents take an informed decision regarding their child’s higher education on way to securing an entry into the career of his or her choice.


Enable students find the perfectly matched course and college in India through comprehensive admission support and career guidance.


With 21 % of its population in the age bracket of 10 to 19 years, India has the potential to create a workforce that will fuel its growth in this decade. Presently this segment of the population is in elementary, secondary and senior secondary schools. On the other hand, in recent times numerous new and previously unheard of avenues for higher education and making careers have come up. More than 600 courses in over 500 universities and 33000 colleges in India have created ample opportunities for each student seeking a college admission. We at BIZENIUS Education Hub believe that proper course and college admission guidance and support is critical for school students in India. Only then can they take advantage of the emerging opportunities in higher education to achieve future success. With its college admission solutions that match students’ capability, performance and preferences with the present and emerging opportunities for higher education, we look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the students, parents, schools, community and the nation.


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