For Parents

BIZENIUS College Coach Offerings

BIZENIUS College Coach offers a variety of services — from comprehensive assistance to targeted support — to best fit your family’s needs. Our one-on-one college admissions counseling means that you work with a dedicated expert, a former senior admissions officer from a highly selective school, to personalize your experience and address your individual goals.

Our customized college admissions counseling can include:

  • Personalized college list
  • Comprehensive essay assistance
  • Organizational plan
  • Interview preparation
  • Recommendation strategies
  • High school academic and extracurricular planning
  • Scholarship search strategy
  • Tuition payment planning
  • Financial aid form explanation
  • Award negotiation approaches
  • Start-to-finish support

Our most popular offering
For families looking for comprehensive college admissions counseling assistance, Premier includes access to our full spectrum of college admissions and finance expertise.


Our all-inclusive service
For students who require more time and access to their dedicated college admissions expert, our highest level of service offers all the benefits of Premier, plus priority scheduling and additional time to address all areas of the admissions process. Consultant availability for new Elite customers is limited.

Elite International

Our service specifically designed for international students
For international students interested in applying to U.S. universities and colleges, Elite International admissions consulting offers additional time to address areas of the admissions process specific to the international population.

Transfer Assistance

Our options for transfer students
For students looking to transfer schools, select from our Elite or Premier services. Both provide individual, comprehensive, one-on-one advising with a dedicated expert for start-to-finish support.

Contact us today to discuss which option is right for your family.


Parent Timetable

The College Application Timetable: Your BIZENIUS College Coach Experience


At BIZENIUS College Coach, we know that each student is different and has his or her own idea of what the college application timetable is. Our highly personalized, private college counseling recognizes that there is no cookie-cutter solution to college admissions advising and that one size does not fit all. Our experts take the time to get to know your student and tailor an individual approach that makes sense. Here’s what you can expect from a College Coach partnership:

First Meeting   The Underclassman Years   The Upperclassman Years   Post Decision

First Meeting

Meet with your BIZENIUS College Coach consultant to discuss what the student and parent each hope to get out of the process. Report cards, curriculum plans, extracurricular activities, and summer plans will be reviewed. Specific, individualized recommendations will be made either during the meeting or shortly after.

Private College Counseling During the Underclassman Years

You’re on your way. Build a strong foundation to prepare for the admissions process. Topics of discussion can include: 

9th Grade
Getting started. General orientation to the college admissions process and what college admissions officers look for, goal-setting, assessment of strengths and interests, high school course selection and its impact on the college process, 10th grade curricular planning, summer activity options, standardized testing, organizational tips, and guidance on how to do a college visit.

10th Grade
The halfway mark. A deeper review of the college application process explores how colleges assess application components including grades, rigor, testing, activities, recommendation letters, and essays. Begin an extracurricular resume. Check in on academic and extracurricular activities. Discuss summer activity options, 11th grade curricular planning, organizational tips, standardized testing plans, college suggestions, and the college research process, including information gathering through guidebooks, websites, and college visits. If you also choose to work with a College Coach finance expert this is the time for us to review your family’s finances to determine what is affordable and identify any changes that can be made to protect or create eligibility for aid.

Private College Counseling During the Upperclassman Years

College is becoming a tangible reality. With the upperclassman years at hand, the intensity picks up.

Look for more frequent contact to help your student balance academics, activities, and the college application process.

11th Grade
You’re almost there. Set academic and extracurricular goals for the year and create a standardized test strategy. Begin college research, visits, and selection. Receive a personalized list of suggested schools created by the College Coach list team, broken down by likelihood of acceptance. Discuss application strategy, pursue teacher recommendations, and keep tabs on academic and extracurricular performance, and summer activities. Complete pre-essay writing self-assessment activities, begin college essays, and select courses for 12th grade. Optional: your College Coach finance expert can help you explore college-specific scholarship opportunities.

12th Grade
The homestretch. Finalize the individualized college selection list, review application deadlines and requirements, and develop a strategic plan and completion agenda. Continue standardized test strategy, finalize college applications, activity resume, essays, and interview preparation. Finally — submit those applications!

Post Decision Private College Counseling

Time to make your choice. Look to your College Coach expert for support and expertise with waitlists and final decisions. Your BIZENIUS College Coach finance expert can assist with reviewing and meeting requirements and deadlines for financial aid applications, and can also help you strategize in terms of paying for college as well as negotiating/appealing financial aid decisions.